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I added 8 more 20 AMP GFCI plugs to the bottom of my power panel. I now have 26 seprate breakers for my light show. (18 on this side and 8 on the other side of the house.)


This year I borrowed my brothers flatbed trailer instead of making 6 trips to my boat storage where my lights are. I have 24 bins full of lights and will have about 32 by the time I pack everything up at the end of the year.


Packed in the garage.


I put the mini trees up just to get them out of the garage. They were taking up to much room.


I put up the light bar above my garage and both colors of icicle lights on the whole house.


Wrapping the oak trees are the part of setup that I dislike the most. (Almost 7000 lights) Throwing up lights for 6 hours is not my favorite. You can't tell because of the camera but there are white and multi strands. I will wrap the trunks another day with red and green.


Wrapping the trunks of the trees are finally done. (2400 lights total between the two trunks.)


I put up the little flower bed with 3300 lights.


Finishing the flower beds actually made the house look like it actually had a lot of lights. (A little over 10,000 lights)


The Flower beds the next day.


The Mega tree took about 6 hours to complete.


Their is a pulley inside the pole just below the 3 channel star to hoist the topper frame up.

After putting all the lights on the topper I raised it to the top using a cable that runs down the pole.

The arches were rewrapped this year from 8 foot to 10 foot. I also got the Light-O-Rama controllers working and synced with a test sequence. [11.18.2012]

The star burst (that is what I call them) are almost complete except for half of the wiring on them.


Supports for the Star Burst.

I finished the spiral tree. These pictures don't do it justice.


The star burst poles and the C-9 lights along the sidewalk are done.[11.24.2012]

The white lights in the flower bed were raised above the plants. This will stop GFCI breakers from tripping after a rain.


Finally...I'm done with the grid.[11.28.2012]

I had to put in the Horizontal and Vertical Grid on the lawn.


The cross and mini Christmas trees on the roof.