Great Christmas Season!!!

[Updated 1.1.2016]

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the show. I had a great time this season!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Finally Finished!!!

[Updated 11.22.2014]

It was a long night 1:30 AM... 2015 Pictures

Oak trees and house have all the light up!!!

[Updated 11.4.2014]

No more ladder work...WooHoo!!! (Thanks Dad!!!)

The display is going up!!!

[Updated 10.15.2014]

Thanks to Phoenix Pollution Control, Inc. for allowing me to borrow a trailer to get my display out of storage.

Videos are up on the videos tab!!!

[Updated 12.19.2014]

Thank you Ethan Barcak!!!

More 2014 Pictures posted!!!

[Updated 12.19.2014]

Thanks to my neighbors for getting in on the show.2014 Pictures

Video of the new Snowball Fight is posted!!!

[Updated 12.07.2014]

This is just the video of the snowball fight. 2014 Videos

WooHoo. Finally Finished with my display!!!

[Updated 11.26.2014]

My neighbors are close to completing as well. One is already done and hopefully the other two will finish in time for this weekend.

Setup is almost complete. Time to put out the controllers as long as the rain stays away???

[Updated 11.17.2014]

I have added a few pictures in the 2014 Pictures

It's that time of year again!!! Anyone want to help setup???

[Updated 09.18.2014]

I have been programming to include both of my neighbors. By adding their yards to the display it adds a whole new element of complexity. Just adding them to my existing songs is a task in itself. October 15th is my tentative date to start putting light out for this year’s display.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

[Updated 01.05.2014]

Another successful season is behind me and the beginning of the 2014 planning phase is in front of me. I have some great ideas for next years display that are already in the beginning stages. While watching my own display is when I come up with my best ideas. Y'all will just have to wait untill next year.

I will be on ABC13 at 4pm today!!!

[Updated 12.23.2013]
I will record it and post it on the videos tab if you missed it.

94.5 The Buzz (The Rod Ryan Show) radio Interview.

[Updated 12.12.2013]

2013 videos and pictures are updated!!

[Updated 12.11.2013]

I am finally finished with setup. WOOHOO!!!

[Updated 11.21.2013]

The show will start November 23rd

Preparations are in the works for the 2013 Christmas season.

[Updated 10.07.2013]

I have programmed more songs and updated existing songs to correspond with the new items in the show.

All good things must come to an end.

[Updated 01.07.2013]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!!! The show is over but is now in the planning stages for next year. I have new ideas to expand. You will just have to wait and see.

My display aired today on ABC13 News!!!

[Updated 12.10.2012]

Scroll to the bottom of the videos page to see the News Report.

Videos are posted!!!

[Updated 12.06.2012]

I had a problem with editing but everything is good now!!!
2012 Videos

Videos are done!!! WOOHOO!!!

[Updated 12.04.2012]

The editing took longer than expected, but they are finally finished and are in the process of being uploaded.
2012 Videos

We shot the videos today!!!

[Updated 11.29.2012]

The videos need to be edited so they should be online December 1st. All of the photo's that were taken have been updated in the PHOTO GALLERY!!!


[Updated 11.28.2012]

The show is up and running and complete. (100% complete) (80,000 Lights)

Setup has started and In full swing.

[Updated 11.25.2012]

The show is up and running but not complete yet. (95% complete) I have to finish the yard grid. This should be completed by Tuesday the 27th. (about 10,000 lights)

The show will be on tonight!!!

[Updated 11.21.2012]

Setup has started and In full swing. The show is up and running but not complete yet. (90% complete) I have to finish the yard grid (about 10,000 lights) and wiring the star burst by the arches.

Lights are out until next year!!!!


Next year is expected to be the best show yet. I am adding another 30,000 lights totaling over 80,000. Check the videos tab for the 2011 videos!!!

The show will be on tonight!!!


Please check this website to make sure the show will be running if rain is in the forcast.
Tune into 107.1 FM!!!

News Broadcast went well!!! (Fox 26)


Check the videos tab for the newscast video from FOX 26.

Lights are up and running!!!


All of the 2011 Videos are up and running.

Lights are up and running!!!


I have been working for the last 3 weeks tweaking every little aspect of the show. While last year was a good start, I added several thousand lights to the show for a total of 50,000 lights.

I have added many new items to the display including: Mega tree with strobes, mini christmas trees on roof, traveling light bar above garage, snowflake line, and added lights to the display as a whole.

First animated Christmas light show attempt (2010)


This year was my first attempt in doing automation after originally setting up a static display. After watching videos online I decided that I would attempt to create a show with 2 songs (Wizards in Winter and Musicbox Dancer). Since I had setup a static display I had to take down about half of the display just to segment the different channels into the layout. That took about 3 days on putting up lights and many many hours programming. Since I was not familiar with the software it took me several days just to get one song done. This show included 4 Light-O-Rama controllers totaling 64 channels as well as buy another 10,000 lights for a total of 20,000 lights.


Website Stats!!!